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 Commish Back In Town...

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Commish Back In Town... Empty
PostSubject: Commish Back In Town...   Commish Back In Town... EmptyTue Mar 23, 2010 9:43 am

posted this in comissioner's office but thought it might be useful in here too...back and looking to get things going...light this board up like a Christmas tree...
Hey gents...

Just posting to say that I am officially back from Jamaica...we got home Saturday morning at 5 AM so I've been a little out of whack the past couple days. Shocked

While we were gone we also had about 1000 sq. feet of porcelain tile laid on the main floor of our home...happy with the result but what a freaking mess. BRUTAL. Last night the team of archaeologists I hired to uncover lost artifacts managed to clear the dust enough to reveal my PS3 so we will be full speed ahead soon.

Last night I was messing around with the league creation tools so if any of you log into The Show online today you will get a league invite. I accidentally misclicked and set the draft for Sunday at 7...not good for me as I will be prepping for my keeper league's don't worry about accepting that invite as I plan to re-create tonight and send a new batch of invites. Should be done around 9:00 PM make sure you login soon following that to accept so we can get rolling. H8ff0000 seems to have gone MIA so I'll be doing a small recruitment drive over the next 24-48 hours...I am hoping to get 3 managers to take league membership to 8. A nice number to work with. I'll post this over in League discussion as well. Glad to be home...glad to get things going soon. Should be a good season and I look forward to playing all you guys soon.
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Commish Back In Town...
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