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 Updated League Roster

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PostSubject: Updated League Roster   Updated League Roster EmptyFri Mar 26, 2010 1:56 am

As some of you may have noticed I set the league up for max 10 teams...had one gent on a waiting list so to speak and met coki online tonight...took me down in extra innings. Things aren't set in stone but I have included them here because they seem serious about playing. I received a couple more queries but I'm sticking with the hard cap of 10 will give us some variety in styles of play and balance our divisions nicely. I've told the other interested guys that I would hang onto their info for future expansion...but I want to succeed with this size group first so we can test it all out. SportsConnect is having some major issues at times and we're going to have to be flexible with it and each other. I think we should approach this like our test league. When we get done this season we'll have some discussion about settings, sliders, expansion, contraction (don't think we have any quitters though)...tweak it and do it all again. With the league set up to accomodate 10 teams you will play 39 games over 9 weeks...not too taxing. It should be a lot of fun.

American League

Indians - punksk8r1313
Yankees - Lghikas54
Twins - gregdei
***your choice of available AL team*** - ngnnrigger

National League

Cubs - Smoo_boy
Braves - freedumbxx
Giants - GovtMule420
Nationals - PatriotApe
***your choice of available NL team*** - coki_dog
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Updated League Roster
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